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Tiffany Reed-Hill
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As parent we always hope that our children will following our footsteps or even be better than we have been. I’m learning that it does not always go that way. They have to find themselves, make life choices and do the things in life that teaches them how to be men or women. I am the mother of three, wonderful children. Each of them has their own identity, personalities, and things they enjoy doing. It is amazing how each of them have at least one of my traits.

One of them loves to debate his point in the same manner that I do. It works great at board meetings and when I’m negotiating contracts. What he has failed to learn is that sometimes you have to pick your battles wisely. Learn to be quiet sometimes and watch how things work in your favor. One of them loves fashions and designs in the same manner that I do. What she has failed to realized is that before I could wear, BeBe, Coach, Gucci and other name brands; Target, Cato and Wal-Mart were my favorite stores. Now that times are in a recession, I rarely shop as much as I used to do in the past. Learn how to simplify your life. Last but least I have one that will probably have as many degrees as I have and do something entirely differently from his education. What he fails to realize is that you can have all the education in the world but if you are using it for the common good for your self or your community it is useless.

The thing that I value the most is that I have given them the essential tools to lead a productive life. I have never been a parent to say “My kids won’t do this or try that”. The parent I have been is on that has taught them to put self last, be a service, excel beyond all obstacles and to dream bigger than big…they eventually come true.

So if none decide to be a government employee like me, or teach like me, or to be a community activist like me it’s quite alright….


With Warm Regards

Tiffany Reed-Hill


Pushing Outstanding Excellence For Kids

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